our approach

We are a group of community leaders, local business owners, and conservation scientists with coastal roots. We built Sea to Cedar as a way to leverage our skills and opportunities for places we love.

We work with a broad network on collaborative projects that support community-driven stewardship and youth and community initiatives. Recognizing the importance of connection between people, local economy, and ecosystems, S2C focuses on youth and community initiatives, carnivore conservation, and salmon conservation. Programs through these principle "pillars" are done collaboratively with community and conservation partners. 

We value the guidance, friendship, and collaboration in our network of mentors and partners. We acknowledge Sea to Cedar operates in the unceded territories of many local First Nations.


Creative collaborations for people, land, and sea.


  • Fostering trust and acting with integrity, accountability, acceptance and respect 

  • Acknowledging Indigenous sovereignty and inherent rights and title by being community-driven and collaborative

  • Seeking excellence by being curious, innovative, imaginative, passionate and adaptable

  • Supporting resilience of ecosystems, including people, through conservation, sustainable economic development, and holistic wellbeing


Sea to Cedar is a project on Tides Canada shared platform, which supports on-the-ground efforts to create uncommon solutions for the common good.  Tides Canada is a national Canadian charity and their shared platform provides governance, human resources, financial, and grant management for leading environmental and social projects across Canada, allowing projects to more effectively achieve their missions. As a registered Canadian operating charity, Tides Canada Initiatives Society receives donations and provides charitable tax receipts for gifts to Sea to Cedar initiatives. 

 Being an initiative with Tides Canada also provides us with incredible organizational support, which allows us to spend more time focusing on our programs. As such, Sea to Cedar has adopted Tides Canada’s HR and Accessibility Policies.  

Though supported by Tides Canada, we are solely responsible for determining the course of Sea to Cedar’s activities, so long as there is adherence to Canadian charitable regulations.