We value the guidance, friendship, and collaboration in our network of mentors and partners. We acknowledge Sea to Cedar operates in the unceded territories of many local First Nations. 

1% for Sea to Cedar Initiatives

Sea to Cedar is grateful to the businesses listed below that contribute 1% of their profits towards our regional conservation and community programs. This contribution goes directly towards programming and link businesses, individuals, and nonprofits to help create partnerships that bring capacity to the region.  

Interested in becoming a 1% donor? Contact us directly - info@seatocedar.org



Nimmo Bay wilderness resort

Nimmo Logo22.jpg

Local wilderness lodge operator Nimmo Bay Resort partnered with Sea to Cedar in 2014. They believe in investing back into the place that supports their family business and community partners.

Nimmo provides S2C with unique in-kind and financial support. Their boats support our coastal programs, their business network supports our desire for innovative funding strategies, and their annual donation supports our staff to focus on operations. This relationship is built on reciprocity - our programs can inform and add value to Nimmo staff and guests, and Nimmo brings a unique capacity and network to S2C programs. 


Jeremy Koreski

In addition to being a 1% donor to Sea to Cedar through 1% for the Planet, Jeremy has been more than generous by donating the use of his professional photography skills. Learn more about Jeremy, his skills and passions, and why we are so grateful for his contribution at www.jeremykoreski.com



Anian MFG is a clothing company based out of Victoria dedicated to sustainability. Inspired by natural fibers and the landscape of coastal British Columbia, these incredible socks, toques, and shirts generously supplied by Anian keep us warm and happy while we work in the elements.

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Photography by Jeremy Koreski, Adrien Mullin, & Sea to Cedar